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Weight Loss Diet Intrduction By Slimax Usa

Weight Loss Diet By Slimax Usa

Choose A Low-carb Diet By Slimax

If You Want To Lose Weight You Should Start By Avoiding Sugar And Starch (Like Bread). This Is An Old Idea: For 150 Years Or More There Have Been An Infinite Number Of Weight-loss Diets Based On Eating Fewer Carbs. What’s New Is That Dozens Of Modern Scientific Studies Have Proven That, Yes,Low Carb Is The Most Effective Way To Lose Weight.

Obviously It’s Still Possible To Lose Weight On Any Diet – Just Eat Fewer Calories Than You Burn, Right? The Problem With This Simplistic Advice Is That It Ignores The Elephant In The Room: Hunger. Most People Don’t Like To “Just Eat Less”, I.E. Being Hungry Forever. That’s Dieting For Masochists. Sooner Or Later A Normal Person Will Give Up And Eat, Hence The Prevalence Of “Yo-yo Dieting”.The Main Advantage Of The Low Carb Diet Is That They Cause You To Want To Eat Less . Even Without Counting Calories Most Overweight People Eat Far Fewer Calories On Low Carb. Sugar And Starch May Increase Your Hunger, While Avoiding Them May Decrease Your Appetite To An Adequate Level. If Your Body Wants To Have An Appropriate Number Of Calories You Don’t Need To Bother Counting Them. Thus: Calories Count, But You Don’t Need To Count Them.

Eat When Hungry

Don’t Be Hungry. The Most Common Mistake When Starting A Low Carb Diet: Reducing Carb Intake While Still Being Afraid Of Fat. Carbs And Fat Are The Body’s Two Main Energy Sources, And It Needs At Least One Of Them.

Avoiding Both Carbs And Fat Results In Hunger, Cravings And Fatigue. Sooner Or Later People Can’t Stand It And Give Up. The Solution Is To Eat More Natural Fat Until You Feel Satisfied. For Example:Butter, Full-fat Cream, Olive Oil, Meat (Including The Fat), Fatty Fish, Bacon, Eggs, Coconut Oil, Etc.

Always Eat Enough , So That You Feel Satisfied, Especially In The Beginning Of The Weight-loss Process. Doing This On A Low-carb Diet Means That The Fat You Eat Will Be Burned As Fuel By Your Body, As Your Levels Of The Fat Storing Hormone Insulin Will Be Lowered. You’ll Become A Fat-burning Machine. You’ll Lose Excess Weight Without Hunger.

Eat Real Food

Another Common Mistake When Eating A Low-carb Diet Is Getting Fooled By The Creative Marketing Of Special “Low Carb” Products.

Remember: An Effective Low-carb Diet For Weight Loss Should Be Based On Real Food, Like This: Real Food Is What Humans Have Been Eating For Thousands Or (Even Better) Millions Of Years, E.G. Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Eggs, Butter, Olive Oil, Nuts Etc.If You Want To Lose Weight You’d Better Avoid Special “Low-carb” Products That Are Full Of Carbs. This Should Be Obvious, But Creative Marketers Are Doing All They Can To Fool You (And Get Your Money). They Will Tell You That You Can Eat Cookies, Pasta, Ice Cream, Bread And Plenty Of Chocolate On A Low-carb Diet, As Long As You Buy Their Brand. They’re Full Of Carbohydrates. Don’t Be Fooled.

Be Persistent

 It Usually Takes Years Or Decades To Gain A Lot Of Weight. Trying To Lose It All As Quickly As Possible By Starving Yourself Rarely Works Well Long-term, That’s Just A Recipe For “Yo-yo Dieting”. To Succeed, You Need Something That Works Long Term.

What To Aim For

It’s Common To Lose 2-6 Pounds (1-3 Kg) Within The First Week On A Strict Low-carb Diet, And Then On Average About One Pound (0.5 Kg) Per Week

As Long As You Have A Lot Of Weight Remaining To Lose . This Translates Into About 50 Pounds (23 Kilos) Per Year.Every 5 Pounds Of Fat Loss Roughly Equals 1 Inch Lost Around The Waist (1 Kilo = 1 Cm).Young Males Sometimes Lose Weight Faster Than This, Perhaps Twice As Fast. Post-menopausal Women May Lose At A Slightly Slower Pace. People On A Very Strict Low-carb Diet May Lose Weight Quicker, As Well As Those Who Exercise A Lot (A Bonus). And If You Have An Enormous Amount Of Excess Weight To Lose You Could Start Out Much Faster.As You Get Closer To Your Ideal Weight The

Loss May Slow Down, Until You Stabilize At A Weight That Your Body Feels Is Right. Very Few People Becomes Underweight On A Low Carb Diet – As Long As They Eat When Hungry.

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